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Mission Overland For Sale

Mission Overland

Mission Overland has modest roots as a 'garage start up'. Created by two family men who wanted to continue their adventures after having kids. Once the Summit hit the road, people took notice and the rest is history.


At Mission Overland we operate on the principle that bigger isn’t better. We focus on thoughtful design and create products with the features we believe will enhance your camping experience and allow you to further connect with nature and those you adventure with. Whether you're camping in a state park or pushing the boundaries in the backcountry, our trailers are designed to ensure you can get there safely and comfortably.


Why Mission Overland over another RV? Because Mission Overland trailers are unlike any other RV. Our unique designs challenge traditional RV standards and connect adventurers with the outdoors. Our trailers include only the very best in performance, safety, and comfort. Every single Mission Overland travel trailer is crafted by hand in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada by a dedicated team of adventurers. We pride ourselves on working with a community of local companies to bring you our trailers. When you purchase a Mission Overland trailer you are not only supporting our small business, you are supporting dozens of locally owner small businesses who take pride in their work.


And when you join the Mission Overland family, you join a community of people who hold a life of adventure as their top priority. We feel privileged to manufacture adventure trailers for our customers and see it as our responsibility to ensure every trailer delivered is one we would want to own.

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